Mundo is a 3D MMORPG Opensource, Multiplatform, Object Oriented and Extreme Programmed using GPLDevKit, FreePascal and OpenGL.
      The game is under development, but we have a work-in-progress demo available.
      Want you participate of the game development? Consider yourself invited! Please mail to!

Latest news:

17/07/2011 - Mundo 0.20 Released!


* Refactor player animations.
* Design and implement the death of the player.
* Looting.
* BackPack.
* Use items.
* Removal of unused units keyvaluelists.pas, maps.pas, timers.pas, serverconnections.pas, clientconnections.pas, textureppms.pas, texturetgas.pas.
* Remove unit vectors that is misused in cameras.pas.
* Unify of version constant.
* Create doc units.ods.

08/03/2011 - Mundo 0.19 Released!


* New castle with four floors full decorated.
* Map growth 9 times, actual size 3,24 ha.
* DXF to OBJ converter, thanks to Dusan.
* Added normals table in md2.pas.
* Lighting improvement.
* Improvements in collision detection.
* Fixed scale, orientation and position in many models.
* Disabled lighting for font drawing.
* Expanded view limits to get visualization of far objects.
* Updated lifebar to correct scale.
* New camera mode cmBehind.
* Added y coordinate do ENTER message.
* New models: double_bed.md2 and castle's pictures.
* Changed algorithm of monster's set target to consider the y coordinate avoiding to target players that are in other floors.
* Fixed a bug in saving player's data.
* Fixed drawing order of transparent polygons.

18/10/2010 - Mundo 0.18 Released!


* Merge of revisions 735-737 - Large refactoring by Winheim
* Login screen
* Eliminate scenes.pas (obsoleted by Maps)
* Create account screen
* Ranking screen
* Graphic Login Screen and graphic layout for register and ranking screens.
* Improve movement synchro between client and server.
* Fix monster colision.
* Reduce chicken speed.
* Constrain password editbox to 8 characters
* Change respawn to 2 minutes.
* Wrong password message on login screen
* Make monsters do not attack non-logged characters.
* Change map - enlarge trees and put more monsters
* Fix player death
* Put the cheese back
* Fix red screen
* Put a button to ranking screen
* Fix healing to limit to 100%.
* Reset player after death.
* Slow down attack interval of the monsters and revise it's strength.
* Put players lifebar back
* Performance review.
* Implement calls to browser in closed-source operating systems.
* Fix - other players attack dont perform.
* Fix - can't see monsters attack other players.
* Fix other players jump.
* Fix - when other player attack stops walking
* Fix logout of other players
* Fix - one player can hit the other dislogged
* Fix - other players attack repeats
* Fix - Segmentation fault when jump

08/05/2010 - Mundo 0.17.2 Released!


* Created README.TXT.
* Fixes in collision detection.
* Improved models animation speed syncronization.


* Bugfix - client crashes after chicken's respawn.
* Bugfix - Player locks walking if other player attack.
* Bugfix - Keys 'z' (run) and 'x' (jump) can't be used in chat mode.


* Added first NPC.
* Added first item (Cheese) by Guillem.
* Added dino (model made by Reginaldo).
* Added chicken by Guillem.
* Added monster collision detection at server side.
* Added char names over the players.
* Added angle in monster's messages from server to client.
* Added number version in client and server and make server checks at login - by Guillem.
* Improved server's exception handling.
* Fix keys and network under windows.
* Change player animation back to walk when release the alt key.
* Several code improvements by Winhein.

22/09/2009 - Mundo 0.16 Released!


* Game.pas code Review.
* Fix server shutdown if a client shut down (no audio device).
* Change audio functions to do nothing if can't get a audio device.
* Fix coordinates to jump sound.
* Fix player to stop walking when attacking
* Do not allow running back
* Fix Access Violation in server when player die.
* Fix music to not stop playing with high load
* Implement end of message for messages client to server
* Client log (mainly to catch errors)
* Fix perspective and top cameras to not be affected by the jump
* Add smooth rotations for the monsters.
* Improve collision detection.
* Add fall sound when falling without a jump.
* Add smooth raising in irregular terrain.
* TQuakeModel.Show refactoring
* Add state (walking,jumping,running) to server char update message.

15/09/2009 - Here cames a new challengers!

    We got three new members at once! Guillem Vicens Meier (darkbow) is a experienced spanish Delphi Programmer. Jeroen Athmer and Roel Vogel are dutch students of computer science. Good Luck guys!

22/08/2009 - Mundo 0.15.1 Released!

* Exception handling for all server functions and procedures. 
* Disconnect clients that raise server exceptions. 
* mundo.pas unit review. 
* Fixed first-person camera - It was too tall. 
* Fixed lifebar to fixed position in the screen independent of screen resolution. 
* Added monsters death log. 
* Fixed exception in server exit. 
* Added run feature. 
* Added jump feature. 
* Fixed monsters to keep minimun distance from players. 
* Added chat log. 
* Added author files to musics. 

04/07/2009 - Mundo reaches the SourceForge Top 100!

Really before we expect, Mundo Project reach the 90th position in the SourceForge Ranking competing with more than 230.000 projects!
The position in the ranking floats during the release cycle, so we know this will not be keep in the next days. Here is a screenshot of the ranking in 04/07/09. We can see Azureus in 91th, DosBox in 95th and TortoiseSVN in 97th.

30/06/2009 - Mundo 0.14 Released!


* Charlist unit refactoring.
* Music.
* Sound.
* Fixed chat under windows.

28/05/2009 - Mundo 0.13.1 Released!



* Fixed to not enter chat while fighting.
* Exception handling in SendMsg function.


* New char model.
* Interaction with ground.
* Chat.
* Exception handling for client message receiving.
* Handle spllited messages.
* Fixed FacingAngle function.
* Changed collision detection to only test the near objects using the Model.Ray property - boost the FPS x 3 !
* Fixed inverted x coordinates in collision detection.
* Fixes in multiplayer.

23/04/2009 - Mundo 0.12.2 Released!

We have a vídeo for this release:

* Changed to point to server.  
* Removed unnecessary debugging messages.  
* Changed to ask char name.  
* Map code.  
* Map growth.  
* Cow.  
* Changed map drawing to end because of the transparent models.  
* Ordenation of polygon drawing to solve transparency problems.  
* Drawing of player is moved to start, so he did not fit enclosed by transparencies anymore.  
* Implemented ordenating the polygons on drawing to get the transparent models draw correctly.  
* Free the disconnected players.  
* Make rats lose focus from disconnected players.  
* Re-texture castle. Not good yed, but better.

09/03/2009 - Mundo Project 2009 Development Plan

Ok, after a hard year in 2008, with just a few time to work in the project, let's plan 2009:
Get time is high priority. Time to work in the project is the most valuable resource we can get. I'm allocating a good amount of time to Mundo Project in 2009.
Due to the poor results of 2008, I believe we should keep the goals of 2008 development plan.
So there are:
* Map growth: four cities, some areas and dungeons.
* Monsters: 10 kinds will be good.
* NPCS and quests.
* Interaction with ground.
* Items.
* Char persistence.
It's reasonable.

28/02/2009 - Mundo Project 2008 Activities Report

So, 2008 was a hard year. Particularly I was sucked by an evil employer that stole most of my time. I calculated that I spent less than 60 hours in the project in the whole year. 
Then the results are very less than I expected. This is what we could did in 2008: 
0.10 - PVP and new skybox by Dusan 
0.11 - First monster 
I's much less than we planned. 
In 2008 we had just 51 commits against 392 in 2007. This is a painfully slow rhythm. 
The best position we get in the ranking in 2008 was 2.280. 
Our major enemy is really the out of time. 
We will talk about an optimistic future in the next post ""Mundo Project 2009 Development Plan".

24/08/2008 - Mundo 0.11 Released!

Change log: 
* First monster.
* Several Fixes.

18/03/2008 - Mundo 0.10.1 Released!

Change log: 
* Player vs Player. 
* New skybox code by Dusan. 
* Fixed bug # 1808636.

15/01/2008 - Mundo Project 2008 Development Plan

Well, let's plan our path to a playable release! 
Actually the priority is obviously to get time! Time is the most valuable resource to Software development! 
In the last months I'm working in a huge project and I have hard contract timelines that are sucking all my time. 
Fortunately I'll finish it in about two months, then I will can spend more time with Mundo Project. 
The Opensource Way has no detailed plans or schedules, but we can imagine the next features, our path to go. 
Today the project has a good code base and basic features. The next features should be monsters and NPCs. With it we will have something playable. 
Finished the base coding and base features, the focus should goes to the artistic work, designing maps and models of monsters, NPCs, weapons and items. Programming will continue adding features, optimizing and evoluting. 
I believe that by the half of the year we should have a reasonable map and a bit of monsters and NPCs. 
At the end of the year I would like to have some cities, twenty monsters and NPCs and some hundreds of players. Be sure I will work hard to do it :)

13/01/2008 - Mundo Project 2007 Activities Report

    In the last year the project evolute in its base coding, with add of new features and rewrite of old codes.
    In the beggining of 2007, Mundo was in the 0.2 version, wich have some basic features, a simple demo to start.
    During the year we have seven releases, adding features and evoluting the code. The table below shows the releases and the main features added:

0.3 - Skeleton animation
0.4 - Walking and attacking animation
0.5 - More articulations to skeleton animation, client/server code
0.6 - Linux compatibility, md2 models support
0.7 - anisotropic filtering, improved lighting
0.8 - New font system, colision detection, SOAR, new skybox
0.9 - Major code cleanup, lens flare effect

    There are new features made after the 0.9 release that aren't released yet, like the HUD and PVP code, and MD3 support.
    We just start using SVN in August, but in this five last months we have 392 commits. The releases are just demos, but we have 2.018 downloads in the last year. During the year we have reached the 162th position in the SourceForge ranking, near to Top 100.
    Actually we have just few members active in the project. I want to thank Dusan for his great work. Dusan write many new features and rewrite great pieces of the code.
    Reginaldo also did a good work, he made some 3D models last year, and he promise many new models to this new year.
    We are very near to have a playable game. We will talk more about it in the next post, "Mundo Project 2008 Development Plan".

17/10/2007 - Mundo 0.9 Released!

* In this release we have major code cleanup reindentation and normatization, thanks to Dusan.

29/09/2007 - Mundo 0.8 Released!

* New font system. 
* Transparencies partially working. 
* Updated source to use the new MD2 models instead of old 3DS. 
* Fixed player's lifebars.  
* Colision detection.

16/08/2007 - Mundo 0.7 Released!

The complete change-log is: 
* Added anisotropic filtering. 
* Improved lighting. 
* Support for many image formats by the Imaging Library. 
* Added animation for others players. 
* Added attack message in the protocol.

15/07/2007 - Mundo 0.6 Released!

The major news in this release is the total Linux compatibility and the protocol change to TCP. Special thanks to Dusan, he worked hard in the code and did make four new plant models, and to Reginaldo, he did made the wagon model.
The complete change-log is:
* Completed Linux compatibilization - Now runs on windows and Linux. 
* Rewrited protocol - now uses TCP - more stable. 
* Developed Project's website ( 
* Rewrited and simplified the code. 
* MD2 3d models support. 
* PPM image files support. 
* New Reginaldo model (wagon). 
* New Dusan models (palm, burned tree, old tree, bush fern).

28/06/2007 - Here cames a new challenger!

A new member has joined the team!
Guilherme Frederick Maintz (gmaintz) is an experienced developer and will help us (at least during his vacation huahuahua!)

25/06/2007 - Here cames new challengers!

We got two new members!
Dusan (simpletk) is a skilled developer and start working very hard.
Tony (grafixguy) is a 3D modeler experienced in architecture and furniture.
Be the source with you! :)

11/06/2007 - Mundo 0.5 Released!

* Added more articulations to skeleton animation.
* Redesigned the humanoid head.
* Humanoid texturization.
* Redesigned the attack animation.
* Wrote the client-server code.
* Created a font solution. Logo